“These results show a very mixed picture. Some brands have managed to meet or exceed the initial 5% target, stepping up to play their role in improving children’s health. However it’s very worrying that the majority of the top 20 highest selling, sugary brands  have failed to make any progress or have even increased their sugar content.

“This disappointing lack of progress across the board means it’s now more important than ever that the Government goes further and faster to bring in strong measures to reduce childhood obesity and get tougher on those companies who are not set to meet the 20% target. We have seen the success of the soft drinks industry levy in turbo-charging reformulation in sugary soft drinks.  We also know that stronger marketing restrictions, including a 9pm watershed on TV, would help protect children from relentless exposure to junk food, and encourage manufacturers to make their foods healthier. Now is the time for the Government to protect our children’s health with a truly world leading obesity plan.”