“We strongly welcome the Government’s bold and ambitious commitments outlined in the next phase of their childhood obesity plan. If implemented, they have real potential to ensure that children in the UK will face the healthy future they deserve. For too long our environment has continually steered us towards high fat and sugar options with relentless advertising and promotions.

“Chapter 2 of the Government’s childhood obesity plan crucially addresses the issue of children being continually exposed to junk food adverts when they watch their favourite TV shows and when they go online. These proposed measures, along with action on the promotion and placement of unhealthy food and improved labelling, demonstrate that the Government is stepping up to create a more balanced environment that will make it easier for everyone to make healthier choices.

“We now urge swift action from across government departments and industry to make these commitments a reality. There is no silver bullet to tackling childhood obesity, and these measures, alongside programmes already underway, must be sustained and built upon over the long-term if we are to see a significant reduction in the number of children with an unhealthy weight.”