“These results are disappointing, but not surprising. It’s clear from this report that the food industry is unable or unwilling to reformulate voluntarily and it’s now time for a different approach. The significant sugar reduction seen in milk based drinks, shows that having a specific, time-bound commitment of extending the soft drinks industry levy to this category has been extremely effective in driving sugar reduction. The Government now needs to clearly layout specific plans for further fiscal measures if sugar reduction targets are not met by next year.

“These results also highlight the need for a comprehensive approach to improving our health. Overall sales for sugary products have increased, massively in some products such as chocolate. This shows the success of the relentless marketing and promotions of unhealthy food. To improve the nation’s health it’s vital the Government brings in the planned restrictions on how these sugary products can be promoted as soon as possible – making sure chocolates and sweets are not displayed prominently in shops and adverts for high sugar products are taken off TV and online.”