Recipe for Change is a campaign calling for a new industry levy to help make our food healthier, while raising revenue that can be invested back into children’s health. 

Recipe for Change is coalition of organisations led by Sustain, The Food Foundation and Obesity Health Alliance, with support from Impact on Urban Health, British Heart Foundation and Action on Salt and Sugar.

We have come together to outline the challenges faced by families in accessing healthier diets due to the environment they live in, and the current lack of incentives for businesses to act to improve this.

The Recipe for Change campaign is calling for:

  1. Government to build on the success of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy by introducing a new levy on unhealthy food.
  2. Business to change the recipe of the food and drink that they sell to make them healthier for all of us.
  3. Revenues raised from any new levy to support investment in children’s health and access to good food.

Katharine Jenner, Director of the Obesity Health Alliance says:  “Hundreds of policies to address obesity have failed to deliver, because they have relied on individuals having to change their behaviour, in a food environment that is rigged against them.  The food we buy is jam packed with sugar and most of our food comes ready salted – we need to put healthier food on the shelves by introducing a levy on industry to encourage them to change their recipes.”

For more information, please visit the Recipe for Change website:

Read our campaign launch report, outlining the campaign coalition’s vision, new research on the health and economic benefits of a levy, and our call to action.  We look at the history of policy making in this area, including the limitations of voluntary programmes. We explore the success of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy in reducing sugar and raising revenues for child health, and the opportunities for building on this to improve the healthiness of our food and in turn the health of children and families all over the country.

Read our new research looking at the potential health and economic benefits of a levy.

See how much impact an industry wide salt and sugar levy could have in your area.