What we eat is determined by the food around us. Health experts, campaigners and researchers agree – we need a food system change. The term ‘Ultra Processed Foods’ has captured public, media and political attention: the Obesity Health Alliance welcome the renewed focus on our food system and support the need for pragmatic policy thinking and action.  This must be conducted at pace alongside more research into the impact of Ultra Processed Foods on dietary patterns. 

A focus on reducing the consumption of foods and drinks that are high in fat, sugar and/or salt foods (HFSS) is vital.  As new evidence emerges on the harms of dietary patterns high in Ultra Processed Foods (UPFs), policy makers must act to improve diets, taking into consideration both nutrient composition and the extent of food processing.

The Obesity Health Alliance has published a new discussion document on Ultra Processed Food in Policy, having sought the views of its members and expert advisors and reflected them where possible in this document.  As a new and emerging area, this will be kept under review as good quality evidence emerges, policy thinking develops and as our members formalise their own positions.

The Ultra Processed Food in Policy can be read here, alongside our oral and written evidence submissions, as part of the Lords Inquiry into Food, Diet and Obesity.